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The Serengeti National Park is one of the world’s last incredible wildlife refuge. This huge territory of land covering 14,763 sq. kms. Supports the best outstanding remaining concentration of plain game in Africa, on a scale unparalleled anywhere else on the planet. The name Serengeti originates from the Maasai ‘Siringet’, which means endless plains, the park contains an 3,000,000 enormous large animals, most of which take part in a seasonal migration that is one of nature’s wonders.

The Park is the center of the Serengeti ecosystem, roughly defined as the annual ‘wildebeest migration’ that serves as pasture for wild animals. The migration of more than 1.5 million Wildebeests accompanied by hundreds of thousands of Zebras and Gazelles help to preserve the species.

On a Tanzania safari tours to Serengeti expect to see the predators such as Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Hyenas and Crocodiles are too glutted to take advantage of all the opportunities. Vultures, marabou stocks and other eagles clear the skies to accumulate at the feast. There are some creatures living in the Kopjes.

The land of Serengeti National Park is mainly covered with short and grasses, the area varies from the vast treeless central Serengeti plain and savannah type stretches dotted with flat topped acacia trees to riverine bush, thick scrub and forest in the North.

Serengeti Safari Tour

Best Time: For the migration from December to May in the South of the Park and from June to October to the Western Corridor and to the North.

How to Get there: From Arusha 5 hour drive or 1hr30 Charter flight.