How much does a safari cost? – Tanzania Safari Prices

March 15, 2024
Tanzania Safari Guide

Find out about Tanzania safari costs and prices. How much is a safari in Tanzania? Average cost of Tanzania safaris, Tanzania safari prices & extra costs What does a safari cost?

So, how much does a safari cost? Safaris in Tanzania are expensive; you probably already know that by now. Here is the reason why:  The cost of a Tanzanian safari depends on a number of factors, among them being the number of people traveling, the season of the year, the standard of accommodation, and the duration of your Tanzania safari.

The cost of Tanzania safari tour is a key concern of our clients and we will be very happy to discuss the available tour prices and packages with you once we understand your needs. What is included in your safari package also determines the cost of your Tanzanian Safari.

Tanzania Safari Cost

Safari accommodation style and standards also determine the cost of your Tanzanian safari. A basic camping trip, for example, will not cost as much as a mid-range lodging trip. Tanzania tour package while staying in standard luxury accommodation will also cost more than a Tanzanian safari while staying in mid-range lodging, and staying at top-end deluxe safari accommodation also costs more than standard luxury lodges and tented camps. So safari accommodation is another reason that determines the price for your safari in Tanzania.

What is included in your Tanzanian safari price?

For a full safari package in Tanzania, we first include your airport transfers in a private vehicle. Both arrival and departure. You can, however, plan to arrange it yourself if you want, but it doesn’t make it cheaper if you plan to arrange it yourself because you do not charge any extra cost for the airport transfer in your package. So it’s even better if you arrange that with us.

Likewise, this applies to your accommodation in Arusha. We just get our commissions from the lodge or hotel that you stay in so booking with us will be more convenient. You will pay the same price if you book by yourself. You may in fact get a better price with us because we have some very nice Contract Rates with most Hotels and lodges in Tanzania.

We then include the cost of your safari jeep (4×4 vehicle), Tanzania park entry fees, conservation fees, crater entry fees (where applicable), accommodation during safari in lodges and tented camps (camping gear in case of a Tanzania camping safari), ranger fees where applicable, and drinking water during safari.

So what makes the cost of one safari package more expensive than the other?

The cost of a Tanzania safari is primarily determined by the accommodation you choose while on the safari. We have budget, mid-range, standard-luxury accommodation, and, of course, up-market lodges and tented camps. Most safari lodges and tented camps work on full board (3 meals included), and a few have all-inclusive services.

The duration of your safari in Tanzania also determines the price of safari and also the number of travelers. For our private safaris in Tanzania, costs for the vehicle and crater entry is distributed among the adult participants. The price of a tour package, therefore, would be lower per person for a larger group than for a solo traveler or a smaller group. We also offer a group discount for a larger group.

Tanzania safari prices for kids

Tanzania safari tour prices for children include only accommodation, park entry fees, and any other applicable fees like water and food. So Tanzania safari prices for kids is lower than that for adults.

The average cost of a Tanzania Safari

A Tanzania safari tour with budget accommodations such as tents starts at $200 per person per day. A Tanzania mid-range safari with lodges runs $360 to $400 per person per day, while a luxury Tanzanian safari with all the trimmings ranges from $650 to about $1000 per person per day. Keep in mind that this does not include international flights, visa fees, vaccinations, travel insurance, and other incidentals.

Comfort LevelPrice per person per day
Budget Camping Accommodation$200 – $220
Mid-range Accommodation$360 – $400
Luxury Accommodation$650 – $1000

Why Choose Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris

We are a mid-range safari operator, providing a high standard of service at good price. Luxury safari operators charge prices much higher than ours for things you do not need, while Budget safari operators charge prices lower than ours and leave out things you do need. We offer competitive safari prices in Tanzania with the hotels & lodges which we extend to you, enabling you to enjoy your Tanzania safari tours at the best prices in town.

Note: There are no surprises or hidden costs when you travel with us!