What makes a Great Migration Safari in Serengeti so remarkable?

August 15, 2021
Tanzania Safari Guide

Often rewarded as the Best Tanzanian Safari Park, the Serengeti is extraordinary known for its Great Migration. Here is why you should consider booking this African destination once in your lifetime.

What come to your mind when someone says Tanzania safari? Perhaps, the Lion King movie or a tall giraffe standing under the Acacia tree. While these enchanting scenes are some of the stills from the African Savannah, the great migration safari in Serengeti is the real deal.

Be it for the adventure of watching the breath-taking wildlife movement or the heart-pounding moments while admiring the deadly predators’ blood-drenched in their feast, we give you 10 convincing reasons to what makes a great migration safari in Serengeti so remarkable?.

1. A Natural Wonder Of The World

Covering a continuous journey of 500 kilometers from birth-giving to tirelessly foraging in the rains and escaping the deadly predators’ attacks by the Mara River, the wildebeest migration is an exceptional natural phenomenon in the world. There is plenty of wildlife to see in East and South Africa, however, the wildebeest migration in Serengeti links to the brilliance of nature from ever-changing landscapes to the massive movement of animals and game viewing experience.

Serengeti Migration – Mara River Crossing

2. Away From The Tourism Bustle

The rhythm of the Serengeti beats on the intense wildlife movement combined with the serene sounds of nature. A wildebeest migration adventure is a holiday of its kind; rise before sunset, enjoy bush breakfast amid millions of animals, and spend your day looking for some action in the Savannah. You can combine your safari with a hot-air balloon ride, nature walks and stargazing under the African sky.

3. Best Aerial Views of the Migration

If you are traveling to Tanzania for a honeymoon safari holiday, you will not regret booking a hot-air balloon adventure in the Serengeti offering extraordinary views of the great migration. Watch aerial views of hundreds of wildebeest moving together covered in the massive shadow of your flight that floats above rivers and wildlife plains as you calmly search for the majestic wildlife. And the bush breakfast in the open plains is just another reason to make your Tanzanian safari luxurious.

4. Remarkable Wildlife Experience

Besides the wildebeest, The Serengeti is home to thick populations of lions, serval cats, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, and innumerable animals that move freely across the plains. Covering an area of nearly 14,763 sq km, the game viewing here is a surprise to the eyes of first-time safari-goers and photographers in particular. Honeymooners and families are spoilt for lodging and adventure camping options coupled with a new wildlife experience to look forward to every day.

Lion King in Serengeti National Park

5. Meet the Maasai during the Great Migration Safari in Tanzania

Have you ever been curious about the Tanzanian culture? The great migration safari not only gives you the chance to admire the wildlife but also interact with the famous Maasai tribe. Walk into the mud houses of these cattle-keeping communities and soak in their heart-warming tales. You will be surprised to count the number of wives some Maasai men have and what it takes to qualify as a capable husband. Alas, enjoy famous dances while flying high on the tunes of traditional music.

6. Discover The Circle of Life 

Every year more than a million wildebeests set their foot in search of fresh grass, covering  thousands of miles, and risking their lives moving in a circular motion from Ndutu area in Tanzania’s Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya and then back to Ndutu. No matter, what time of the year you may come to Tanzania, you are sure to enjoy a glimpse of a part of this cycle, whether it is the birthing season in January, the intense wildebeest migration in June, or the river crossings from July onwards. This special phenomenon is a life-time experience mixed with emotions for the winning wildebeest and those who surrender their lives to the fate of hungry predators. 

7. Photographer’s Zion

Tanzania safari in Serengeti

If you love to show your passion for travel with photos and videos, the great migration in Serengeti is filled with surprises. From massive herds moving across the wilderness to the predators attacking the calves, you will find many opportunities to enjoy unperturbed views and document the Serengeti. And not only the wildebeests, but there are also plenty of chances to photograph the muses of nature from incredible sunsets to the tall giraffes enjoying their bush feast in silence.

8. Ideal for all travelers

The great migration safari tour in Serengeti welcomes all kinds of travelers. Whether you are a, solo traveler, family with kids, an elderly couple, or a big group of friends, there is something to do for everyone. From kids-friendly lodges to thrilling adventure activities, you will always find plenty to do in the massive safari parks of Tanzania.

9. Peak season means almost fully booked!

Tanzania Safari Lodges and camps are nearly fully booked from January through September and then in December. Make your reservations at least three months before your arrival in Tanzania. There are several options to book from budget camps to mid-range and luxury lodges. Ask for expert advice from your Tanzania safari tours consultant. The Migration movement different every 2-3 months depending on the wildebeest movement. Look for accommodation options as per the expected hotspot during your time of travel.

10. A bucket list adventure

I don’t want to visit Zanzibar…said no one ever! Yes, Tanzania is home to more than a handful of adventures and there will always more than one reason to come here. From climbing Kilimanjaro to standing silent during a walking safari to swimming with the whale sharks of Mafia Island, you would love to book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Tanzania. The good news is that you can combine the Great Migration experience along with these experiences.

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