9 Best things to do in Arusha Tanzania

Arusha is a vibrant city right next to Mount Meru. It is called the safari capital because most Tanzania safari excursions start here to the northern safari circuit such as the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. It is also the starting point for climbing Mount Meru and visits to Arusha National Park. The city itself is a very busy place with lots of street markets and small shops nestled into a green scenery surrounded by forests and coffee plantations. If you have some extra time in Arusha after or before your Tanzania safari tours, you can explore some of the local specialties.

Reccommended things to do in Arusha Tanzania:

  1. Enjoy the great test of Kilimanjaro coffee at one of the beautiful coffee places
    Some of the best are Africafe near the clock tower, Butter & Scotch and Kitamu Coffee.
  2. Explore the Arusha Natural History Museum
    Here you can gain something about colonial times and the tribes of Tanzania.
  3. Visit the Tanzanite Experience
    In this exhibition you learn all about the unique gamestone known as Tanzanite that are found only in Tanzania.
  4. Go to Maasai Market Curio & Craft
    This is the better place to buy some hand crafted Maasai souvenirs after your Tanzania safari tours.
  5. Visit Meserani Snake Park
    You will learn all about the various snakes in Tanzania and Africa by expert guides.
  6. Visit Chemka or Kikuletwa Hot Springs
    Surprise yourself to a natural spa outside of Arusha city by enjoying a day tour at Kikuletwa Hot Springs. Also you can add this tour to your Tanzania safari package for an unforgettable adventure.
  7. Visit Lake Duluti for Canoeing Tour
    If you want to spend an active day to enjoy the beauty of nature you can go canoeing at Lake Duluti near Arusha.
  8. Mount Meru Dayhike
    If you want to challenge yourself on Adventure then, you should have a day hike at Mt. Meru up to the first hut at 2541 meters.
  9. Visit Arusha National Park for Safari Tour
    If you have an entire day off you can go on a Tanzania safari at Arusha National Park as a daytrip including a walking safari to discover the lakes and waterfalls inside the national park.

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