How to book a Tanzania Safari?

How to book your Tanzania Safari? – how to get started!

If you haven’t been on a safari before! Booking a Tanzania safari is very critical task to find and identify the best safari company in Tanzania or tour operator online. In this article, we are going to share simple steps on how to book a safari in Tanzania.

1: Setup your Tanzania Safari goal before booking.

If you are an experienced traveler then it’s very simple task to book a Tanzanian safari as you have already setup your mind. If this is your first time planning such an adventure, then you are in for a real treat! Tanzania offers so many dream destinations and unique experiences, just waiting for you to explore. It is important to discuss beforehand what you wish to do. A wildlife safari only, or combined with Mountain Trekking, just hiking, beach extension, tribes encounters, and many more?

2: Find How much does a Tanzania safari cost?

How many people are traveling with you is one attribute. Number of adult, children, the ages of the children, and how do you wish to share the rooms. Stay in single rooms the higher the price, but if you share double/twin rooms or triple rooms then the lower the price of a Tanzania safari. The biggest attribute to the cost of Tanzanian safari is however the standard of accommodation. Do you want to stay in a budget Accommodation, or mid range, or Luxury or even top end Luxury lodges and tented camps? Please note that tented camps are as costly as the safari lodges. By luxury tented camps we mean the Tented rooms with en suite flash toilets and shower bathrooms with the same amenities as the lodges. Do you want to stay at public campsites for budget camping?

The season of travel is also a major attribute to the cost of a Tanzania safari. Basically in Tanzania we have:

  • Peak Seasons; December – March, June – October
  • High Season; November
  • Low Season; April and May.

Safari Booking – If you are looking for an affordable safari company in Tanzania, then Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris is a best tour operator in Arusha. But you must have a call or email communication with our agents or operators to make it clear and transparent.

3: Send an enquiry to the Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris

You can fill and send our contact form via our website. Our agent will respond back to you within few hours with a itinerary and price. If you are not satisfied with the itinerary you are advised to request for amendments until you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied, We shall the send your invoice. Note Alternatively you can give us a call or WhatsApp to get instant response from the team.

4: Pay for Tanzania Safari Tours

After receiving the invoice from Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris, you need to deposit a worth 40% of the total amount using the various payment methods. The balance can then be paid the same way at least 14 days before your arrival or if you wish; you can still pay cash on arrival, if you do not mind traveling with money in your pockets. This is the general procedure though a different arrangement can be agreed upon by the client and Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris.

These are the simple steps to book your Tanzania safari tours with Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to write us at: [email protected] or WhatsApp +255 762 901 422

We are always with you to help in any ways. Have a happy holiday with Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris