How To Get A Tanzanian e-Visa? Online Visa Application Guidelines

Tanzanian visa online: How to apply for a Tanzania e-Visa? Since 2018, it’s possible to apply for an online-Visa when traveling to Tanzania. There is no need to spend your days at the embassy anymore or wait in line for hours when trying to get your visa upon arrival.

Where do I apply for the Online Visa Tanzania?

Applying for the e-Visa is not too hard. To start your application, you’ll need to visit Tanzanian e-Visa website(click here)

Now make sure to apply on that WEBSITE, as this is the official website of the Tanzanian government. You might be able to apply on different websites that offer extra service, but also for quite the extra price. We noticed that some of the other websites try to scare you by telling you that the official website doesn’t work well or has slow service, but the truth is, it works perfectly fine and the process is very fast.

What you’ll need

To apply for a Tanzania visa online, you’ll need to fill in the necessary details and have a scan (or good photo) of your passport. The government states the following about the application: “Applicant must ensure that his/her passport has a validity of at least 6 months and at least one unused visa page while making application. applicant is expected to apply for the right category of visa. If the applicant is not sure about the type of visa he or she requires, he or she is advised to seek guidance through the e-mail [email protected]. Most countries are eligible for an online-visa. Applicants are required to review the List of countries which fall under the referral visa from time to time, as there might be some changes.“

After making sure you have a valid passport, submitted for the right e-visa, and your country is eligible for an online-visa, you can submit the application for your online-visa Tanzania. Don’t forget that you’ll also need a updated international certificate of vaccination or vaccination card with yellow fever stamp to enter Tanzania. Ask your doctor for advice on this. 

Done! Then what?

Within a few days, you will get an email and you’ll receive your online visa. Make sure to print this and also have it downloaded on your phone as backup, in case something happens. We also advise you to have a back-up photo of your passport on your phone. 

This paper is proof of your application for the online-visa Tanzania and need to be brought on your trip. Make sure to print it. 

Upon arrival in Tanzania, you can now skip the long, tiring VOA line and go straight to passport control/registration with your online visa and receive your stamp.

When do get the Online Visa Tanzania?

The official website states that it takes up to 10 days for the visa to be processed. But the process to receive your online visa Tanzania is usually done faster, It can be within 3 – 5 days when traveling during the peak season. Sometimes, in the peak season, it takes a bit longer, as many people apply for the visa. To be safe, it’s best to apply for the visa at least 2 weeks before traveling to Tanzania to prevent any unnecessary stress or headaches. This way, your visa will be on time. best would be to apply a month before, because the immigration office states that the application for your online visa Tanzania might be rejected if you have wrongly applied (for example, made a spelling mistake). To avoid any headaches, always double check your application.

Online visas in Tanzania Cost

Visas are $50 USD except for America, which costs $100 USD. The visa is valid for 3 months. It’s a tourist visa, so you’re not allowed to work in any way. Volunteering is also considered as work.

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