Experince a Balloon Safari in Serengeti

The Serengeti national park is the world famous for the variety and absolute number of its animal population. A Balloon Safari in Serengeti however, is not merely a game viewing experience, but rather an opportunity for an adventurous and unique perspective over outstanding quintessentially African landscapes.
Of course there can be no guarantee that you will spot specific animals from the balloon.
We have however spot some amazing wildlife from the balloon and witnessed many incidents such as lion kills, cheetah stalking and killing, leopard hunting and of course the great annual wildebeest migration, one of the natural wonders of the world.

The Conservation

Serengeti Balloon Safaris are serious aware of their environmental responsibilities and are proud of their ecological credentials. Serengeti Balloon Safaris Tanzania (SBS) pay a substantial royalty to Tanzania National Parks for each passenger. These funds are used for conservation purposes in the Serengeti National Park.
The colours of our balloons are acacia green and savannah gold and blend with the colours of the Serengeti. The balloon burners are ‘stealth’ and ‘whisper’ burners and make less noise than standard burners. Wherever possible, we land on a road, thereby saving the vegetation from damage by retrieve vehicles.
Our pilots are all committed conservationists and will share their knowledge of the area and wildlife with you. Naturally, wildlife have priority and consideration is given to them when flying.
Serengeti Balloon Safaris – SBS have assisted in the funding and construction of a technical school in Rubanda Village close to the boundary of Serengeti National Park. The object is to teach income generating skills to the villagers offering an alternative to poaching wildlife. Serengeti Balloon Safaris director Colin MacKinnon has been made an elder of the local Wakoma tribe. SBS is also pleased to have sponsored educational trips to the park for school children from surrounding villages.

Serengeti Balloon Safari Itinerary

5:00 am, Serengeti Balloon Safaris will collect you from your central Serengeti safari lodge or camp, and transfer you by Land cruiser to our launch site near Maasai Kopjes. Here you will meet your pilot, receive a briefing and watch the inflation of your balloon.

At dawn we take off, rising as the sun rises and float in whichever direction the winds of the morning take us. Your pilot can precisely control the altitude of your balloon: sometimes flying at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the wildlife below.

At other times he will ascend to 1000′ or more to see the enormity and wonderful panorama of the Serengeti. From time to time the pilot must put more heat into the balloon with the powerful whisper burners. In between these burns, there is silence apart from the natural sounds below.

The flight is for about one hour depending on conditions, on landing you celebrate in the traditional manner with champagne (well, an excellent sparkling wine), before sitting down to a full English breakfast prepared and served in the bush in ‘Out of Africa’ style with bone china, linen table cloths, King’s silver etc.

After breakfast you receive your Serengeti Balloon (SBS) certificate and we drive you back to Seronera Safari Lodge game viewing enroute. 9:30 am Arrive at Seronera ready to continue your day’s activities.

This Balloon adventure will fit in with all Tanzania safari itineraries that include a night in central Serengeti.