Why Book A Tanzania Budget Safari

Looking For A Budget Safari Holiday To Encounter Really Tanzania Adventure?

Tanzania Budget Safari – There is no better way than a budget camping Safari in Tanzania to encounter really the African Adventures, where you get close to nature.

Tanzania Safari Holiday takes you around the most beautiful places in Tanzania such as Lake Manyara National Park which is famous for its tree climbing lions, The Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is recognized also as the Garden of Eden, Serengeti Park which will provide you the chance to encounter the Africa’s Big 5: Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalo. Tanzania Budget Safari is a lovely adventure because guests are participating in a real African experience, but still have all the services of safari drivers, guides, and a chef to make sure of all their requirement.

Want to encounter the Wildlife in a real way? Tanzania Budget Camping Safari is the most budget friendly compared to Tanzania Luxury Safari Tours. Many clients choose to stay in tents in order to be close to nature. So experience the magic of Safari Tanzania without breaking your budget. Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris is here to offer the best Tanzania safari itineraries or get in touch to arrange a custom Tanzania safari to suit your budget.

Our classic Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Itineraries – Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park, is designed to meet our clients budget exploring Tanzanian park on camping style and get close to the nature. Our tour expert will work on your budget and advice the best public camp site as to avoid the crowd and make sure you have the memorable experience Tanzania Wildlife Safaris. All our camping equipment like sleeping tents, mattress 3inch, back chairs and tables are quality a and will give you the comfortable stay during your Tanzania Budget Safari. Our tour pricing range from $ 195-220 per person a day. Tanzania budget camping safari can be mixed with safari lodges or luxury tented camps and will give you the best experience touring in Tanzania.

Choose the best tour package of your choice with us – from Budget camping, mid range camping and Luxury safaris packages.

To book or to request for Tanzania safari budget – an itinerary of day by day with price quotation please write to us at, (info@ernestmagictours.com)

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